Oppia Foundation — Free Education For Everyone

To begin, let’s discuss what the Oppia Foundation does. What? Oppia is a free open-source educational project that develops a novel and engaging approach to online learning. Why? that is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of under-resourced learners around the world.

Our volunteers — Participants in the Oppia community are our superheroes and change-makers who are dedicated to giving their all to improve the education ecosystem for underprivileged children everywhere. We make certain that the lessons we create are effective, and we are constantly working on kid-friendly features. Join our global team of volunteers — Contributing to Oppia allows you to make a difference in the lives of millions of students. It makes no difference where you’re from, what language you speak, or how old or young you are – this is a community project, and everyone is welcome!


 Problem? — Most children do not have access to high-quality education and are unaware of the benefits of e-learning. Solution? –These are some of the issues we are attempting to address on a broader scale by translating the lessons into local languages for better comprehension and making the features very understandable with little or no supervision, allowing our target audience to easily adopt the technology.

How do we fit into a larger community? — I’d like to point out that Oppia focuses on the three major principles of successful projects, making it very easy to integrate into any and larger communities. These include, but are not limited to: The ‘planning’ principle – – Entails that successful community projects are well planned and employ inclusive planning and decision-making processes. Oppia’s approach is always centred on involving everyone, identifying priorities, flexibility, and developing ways to track progress. The ‘partnership’ principle – – Successful open-source projects are built on partnerships that place a high value on cooperation, trust, and respect among all parties involved. Oppia accomplishes this by establishing and maintaining relationships, discussing and agreeing on how the group should operate, establishing means for regular communication, and using inclusive or ‘participatory’ decision-making when planning and implementing group activities. The principle of ‘learning’ – – Throughout the project, Oppia creates opportunities for enjoyable learning and participation, resulting in long-term results. For many people involved in open-source projects, the opportunity to learn is a powerful motivator. This includes learning about the conservation issue and its solutions, as well as learning how to work as a group and getting to know one another as individuals and organizations.

Why use Oppia?Oppia lessons are a supplement for children who have or do not have access to quality education; the lessons are interactive and engaging to keep a child interested with personalized feedback, unlike what has been experienced in traditional classrooms; and, most importantly, they can be accessed at any time, regardless of a learners location.

What excites me about Oppia? — Even after the Outreachy internship, I’m most excited to work and continue contributing to Oppia because it gives me a sense of leadership by having an impact on someone. I believe that if you have the opportunity to impact just one child, you have impacted a nation in some way. Speaking with students, volunteers, and other non-governmental organizations has allowed me to identify additional flaws in the education ecosystem and suggest better ways to address them collaboratively by raising awareness.

Is there anything new I’ve learned so far? — I work across four teams, I’m able to broaden and learn new skills in less than two months. In a nutshell, my role and efforts with Oppia include but are not limited to, the following. First, ensure that the Africa and Nigeria target audiences are aware of high-quality education through E-learning, with a focus on contributing to the translation team to help translate Oppia lessons into Nigeria’s three major languages: Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo. Second, I collaborate with the marketing team to ensure that we launch compelling campaigns that are relevant to the Nigerian target audience to drive awareness. Third, I collaborate with the User Experience team to conduct research that assesses the effectiveness of Oppia lessons and ensures a child-friendly product. Finally, the partnership will enable us to reach more people, which is why I enjoy working with the partnership team with a focus on Nigeria to reach great initiatives and NGOs to help drive a great course. You can also become a partner right now by filling out our partnership interest form here.

Our growing social community; Website, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram (oppia.global, oppiabrasil, oppia.india) Android /IOS App — coming soon!

Thank you for reading 🙂

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