Allow me to introduce myself

Funke Olatunbosun accepted for Outreachy

Outreachy subject line “Nov22,21
Come walk with me…

A little bit about myself

If I had to describe myself in three words, they would be “Problem finder,” “Problem solver,” and “Leadership.” I am a resourceful person who is always looking for information to share with those around me. I am a firm believer in the impact 1 to impact all strategies.

My core values are Balance, Adventure and Leadership.
I value balance because it gives me inner peace by balancing every aspect of my life, from personal to professional to family to relationships. I’m always looking for ways to ensure that I’m at peace with myself. Second, I enjoy being adventurous. I believe that if you don’t dare to do something, you’ll never get it done, so I do things that I’m probably not supposed to do. I also believe that I’m part of something bigger than myself, so I look for challenges and fight through to find solutions where I can contribute and ensure that I’m heard. Finally, there is leadership. Leadership, to me, is defined as being a servant rather than an authoritative dictator. A leader must be willing to learn, sacrifice, love, support, impact, and develop others’ agility. This will not only make me more compassionate, but it will also put me in a position to help everyone around me. Remember, to impact 1 is to impact all.

Why Diversity in Technology

Why Outreachy?

Personally, I thrive in an enabling environment that promotes learning and development. I was inspired to apply to Outreachy because I saw the transparency and a platform that was willing to accept my vulnerability despite my background. I didn’t have any skills, but I was so impressed by the soft words of encouragement, diversity, and inclusion that were being presented to me.

After reading through various reviews and networking with various Outreachy Ex Alums, they really opened my eyes to why I should apply for the program. It was the learning and transparency culture that drew me in. I will encourage everyone to apply and share the next opening with everyone they know, regardless of their background.

I was also motivated to apply because, as a Nigerian, I have missed out on many opportunities because of my citizenship. When I didn’t see these restrictions with Outreachy, I was very happy to apply; I had a strong feeling that this was the place for me.

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