Oppia Foundation — Free Education For Everyone

To begin, let’s discuss what the Oppia Foundation does. What? Oppia is a free open-source educational project that develops a novel and engaging approach to online learning. Why? that is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of under-resourced learners around the world.

Our volunteers — Participants in the Oppia community are our superheroes and change-makers who are dedicated to giving their all to improve the education ecosystem for underprivileged children everywhere. We make certain that the lessons we create are effective, and we are constantly working on kid-friendly features. Join our global team of volunteers — Contributing to Oppia allows you to make a difference in the lives of millions of students. It makes no difference where you’re from, what language you speak, or how old or young you are – this is a community project, and everyone is welcome!


 Problem? — Most children do not have access to high-quality education and are unaware of the benefits of e-learning. Solution? –These are some of the issues we are attempting to address on a broader scale by translating the lessons into local languages for better comprehension and making the features very understandable with little or no supervision, allowing our target audience to easily adopt the technology.

How do we fit into a larger community? — I’d like to point out that Oppia focuses on the three major principles of successful projects, making it very easy to integrate into any and larger communities. These include, but are not limited to: The ‘planning’ principle – – Entails that successful community projects are well planned and employ inclusive planning and decision-making processes. Oppia’s approach is always centred on involving everyone, identifying priorities, flexibility, and developing ways to track progress. The ‘partnership’ principle – – Successful open-source projects are built on partnerships that place a high value on cooperation, trust, and respect among all parties involved. Oppia accomplishes this by establishing and maintaining relationships, discussing and agreeing on how the group should operate, establishing means for regular communication, and using inclusive or ‘participatory’ decision-making when planning and implementing group activities. The principle of ‘learning’ – – Throughout the project, Oppia creates opportunities for enjoyable learning and participation, resulting in long-term results. For many people involved in open-source projects, the opportunity to learn is a powerful motivator. This includes learning about the conservation issue and its solutions, as well as learning how to work as a group and getting to know one another as individuals and organizations.

Why use Oppia?Oppia lessons are a supplement for children who have or do not have access to quality education; the lessons are interactive and engaging to keep a child interested with personalized feedback, unlike what has been experienced in traditional classrooms; and, most importantly, they can be accessed at any time, regardless of a learners location.

What excites me about Oppia? — Even after the Outreachy internship, I’m most excited to work and continue contributing to Oppia because it gives me a sense of leadership by having an impact on someone. I believe that if you have the opportunity to impact just one child, you have impacted a nation in some way. Speaking with students, volunteers, and other non-governmental organizations has allowed me to identify additional flaws in the education ecosystem and suggest better ways to address them collaboratively by raising awareness.

Is there anything new I’ve learned so far? — I work across four teams, I’m able to broaden and learn new skills in less than two months. In a nutshell, my role and efforts with Oppia include but are not limited to, the following. First, ensure that the Africa and Nigeria target audiences are aware of high-quality education through E-learning, with a focus on contributing to the translation team to help translate Oppia lessons into Nigeria’s three major languages: Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo. Second, I collaborate with the marketing team to ensure that we launch compelling campaigns that are relevant to the Nigerian target audience to drive awareness. Third, I collaborate with the User Experience team to conduct research that assesses the effectiveness of Oppia lessons and ensures a child-friendly product. Finally, the partnership will enable us to reach more people, which is why I enjoy working with the partnership team with a focus on Nigeria to reach great initiatives and NGOs to help drive a great course. You can also become a partner right now by filling out our partnership interest form here.

Our growing social community; Website, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram (oppia.global, oppiabrasil, oppia.india) Android /IOS App — coming soon!

Thank you for reading 🙂

Everyone Struggles

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.”

Napoleon Hill

Everyone starts out not knowing things. Sometimes there’s a word or concept lots of people around you understand, but you don’t. You might feel nervous, anxious, or scared to ask what it means. It can be intimidating to ask questions in the open source community chat.


I was as perplexed as a child when I first learned about Outreachy; I felt helpless and disconnected from the community. GitHub! Open source projects!! Raise an issue!!! Fork an Issue!!!! All of this was screaming at me, so I went in search of assistance. I would say that we all didn’t know what we were doing at one point, and most people who appear to have it figured out are just testing and sticking to it if it works perfectly! If you feel someone else know it all and decide not to ask for help, you will be doing a lot of harm than good. Don’t get me wrong: I completely understand that asking for help is difficult, especially in a world where we all feel judged and measured against certain societal metrics.

As stated in my previous post, one of my core values is “balance.” I want to be able to sleep at night knowing that I was able to balance work, family, friends, and all other activities without feeling stressed or disturbed. This became my motivation to gather courage and reach out to ex-interns— a special shout out to Chidiebere Onyegbuchulem, with whom I had no mutual connection and who helped me through my application all the way up to my contribution stage. Here’s a YouTube playlist he shared with me that was extremely helpful in getting me started with GitHub.

The takeaway here is that struggle is a type of training. It both prepares and forces us to be geared up for the next step. Struggle only intensifies. The amount of struggle we face only grows as we face increasingly difficult challenges. Our current struggle is preparing us for the next step.

The moment we stop struggling, we have stopped taking on big enough challenges.

My socials; LinkedIn & Twitter

Please contact me at any time, and I will gladly assist you. If I am unable to assist you, I will assist you in contacting someone who can — we can do it together!! When we get a NO, we move on to the next person:)

Allow me to introduce myself

Funke Olatunbosun accepted for Outreachy

Outreachy subject line “Nov22,21
Come walk with me…

A little bit about myself

If I had to describe myself in three words, they would be “Problem finder,” “Problem solver,” and “Leadership.” I am a resourceful person who is always looking for information to share with those around me. I am a firm believer in the impact 1 to impact all strategies.

My core values are Balance, Adventure and Leadership.
I value balance because it gives me inner peace by balancing every aspect of my life, from personal to professional to family to relationships. I’m always looking for ways to ensure that I’m at peace with myself. Second, I enjoy being adventurous. I believe that if you don’t dare to do something, you’ll never get it done, so I do things that I’m probably not supposed to do. I also believe that I’m part of something bigger than myself, so I look for challenges and fight through to find solutions where I can contribute and ensure that I’m heard. Finally, there is leadership. Leadership, to me, is defined as being a servant rather than an authoritative dictator. A leader must be willing to learn, sacrifice, love, support, impact, and develop others’ agility. This will not only make me more compassionate, but it will also put me in a position to help everyone around me. Remember, to impact 1 is to impact all.

Why Diversity in Technology

Why Outreachy?

Personally, I thrive in an enabling environment that promotes learning and development. I was inspired to apply to Outreachy because I saw the transparency and a platform that was willing to accept my vulnerability despite my background. I didn’t have any skills, but I was so impressed by the soft words of encouragement, diversity, and inclusion that were being presented to me.

After reading through various reviews and networking with various Outreachy Ex Alums, they really opened my eyes to why I should apply for the program. It was the learning and transparency culture that drew me in. I will encourage everyone to apply and share the next opening with everyone they know, regardless of their background.

I was also motivated to apply because, as a Nigerian, I have missed out on many opportunities because of my citizenship. When I didn’t see these restrictions with Outreachy, I was very happy to apply; I had a strong feeling that this was the place for me.

Experience the joy of happiness

The joy of happiness is somewhat convoluted, I know. Isn’t joy basically being happy? Yes it is, and I’m joyful about it. Writing has been such a release of stress and an outlet for my creativity, and it has lead me to be joyful for my happiness. I’ve been happy, but now I understand that one of the biggest contributions to that happiness has been my joy of writing. With this knowledge, I’m now experiencing why I’m happy.

I’ll never stop writing and publishing. It’s almost meditative for me.